Trying To Update!

I know that I haven’t been up to date on my website. But here’s an attempt to do just that. I have been so busy. I have to say a special thanks to all of my high school buddies, the “Juliettes”. They have been remarkable in all of my singing venues! I have been doing a lot of “Songwriter’s Rounds”, and they have practically been to every one. I work once a month at the “Millenium Maxwell House Hotel” just off of Rosa L. Parks Blvd. here in Nashville. I just got through working the (biggest Fair in the state of Tennessee) Wilson County Fair. And we truly had a “Captured Audience”! Ha! But I saw a “lot” of my friends there and family. I do hope that you all go to my Facebook page, that’s where all the pictures are of what I’ve been doing lately. I will be working the Maxwell House Hotel August 28, 2014. Please come to see me, and I apologize for not keeping ya’ll up to date on everything. I will do better!

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