A New Pandemic

“A New Pandemic”

Yeah we’re stuck with old pandemic also, and the new. Black Lives Matter to me. The cop that killed George Floyd, and now they’re looting our Nashville streets! I hate the cop who killed George Floyd, it’s a disgrace, but the uproar that our town, Heaven help us! I know why they did it, but the looting and everything. They did it to prove a point, BLACK LIVES DO MATTER! They did it so things wouldn’t be forgotten about, they¬† did it so someone wouldn’t sweep it under the rug! Enough of that! It’s a beautiful summer day in Nashville, the trees have all bloomed out, the pool is running and the TICKS are out! I don’t get them on me, but Glen does, probably cause he works outside all day, and I stay in my pool! Mmmmm! We won’t have a Wheeler reunion this year, because the Great room is closed and the pool is closed! First time we began 22 years ago! We’re not having a reunion in LaFollette, TN for the first time in over 40 years! And we’re not having a Shoffner reunion because people weren’t showing up! So that’s it for our reunions till next year. Next year will different, we’ll have the Wheeler Cousin’s Reunion!