It’s Hot Out There

The pool is open and we are getting some leaves falling! It’s almost fall, but it’s still hot out there!. I hate this time of the year! We’re getting ready to close the pool, it’s a tough decision! Don’t know whether to keep it open or close it. On to better subjects!

I’ve written a book called, “My Father’s Daughter.” I finally finished it after 30 years, but I got really serious about it a couple of years ago. I’ve had a stroke and I’ve got “Aphasia.” That’s where the brain doesn’t connect with the speech! I’m going to a Speech Therapist, but it’s a slow process! It doesn’t have anything to do with my intelligence, but it takes me a minute to get the words out! I can sing but I can’t talk! Lol! So I figured, “if I can’t talk I might as well finish my book.” I didn’t have some things that I wanted to put in my book, so I started in January 2017, and I finished it 3 days before Christmas. I worked on it day and night, (Glen sacrificed and left me alone to finish it. I guess he got mighty lonely) but I finished it, and just in time too. So I gave my new books to my family as an After-Christmas present! I’m so proud of it! I’m an “Author!” I can add that to; songwriter, singer, and I’ve published 2 Cookbooks! I am so proud of my new book and it’s selling like crazy! It’s at the Nashville Hall Of Fame, Circle P Ranch in Mt. Juliet, TN, and at my Website:
“My Father’s Daughter” is a book that’s truthful, and it was hard to write some of it. It tells about my daddy & mama, how we grew up and hardships we endured along the way. It tells about the heartaches I went through trying to make it in the music business and what my daddy went through. You’ll enjoy reading it, I promise!
Well, that’s it for now, until we meet again!

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