Happy Mother’s Day

It’s been a while since I’ve been on the last post. Let me start off with saying, I had a stroke, it’s left me with “Aphasia.” That means that I’m intelligent, but I have trouble speaking. That doesn’t mean that I have trouble singing, but it slows me down a bit. I can’t sing anything fast; like “Muleskinner Blues.” All of my other functions work! It’s that speech that I’m worried about! Enough of that!!! It’s the Covid-19 that I’m worried about now. I have only been to the Post Office, the drug store and I went to Wal-Mart twice! I keep my distance and I wear a mask and gloves. It’s been weeks since we’ve been out!! I know it’s rough on you too! I don’t know what we’re gonna do about Mother’s Day! Oh, my daughter just came over (she brought me a gift, she lives next door), and she’s not gonna be here tomorrow (it’s Mother’s Day) she’s going to his parents, so that leaves my two sons. She’s got a new job. She was a nurse at Summit Hospital, now she works in Madison Patient Placement Coordinate! So I don’t have to worry about her so much! She worked in the Cath Lab, when she worked at Summit. This Corona Virus is getting the best of me, this staying at home is killing me! It’s not going to be a Happy Mother’s Day, it’s going to be cold! It’s going to be down in the 40’s and then it’s going to be 70. Happy Mother’s Day to you all!!!


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