Brrrr It’s Cold Out There

A lot has been happening since I’ve been on my website! I’ve got my new book out, “My Father’s Daughter.” I finished it in time for Christmas gifts, December of 2017! My health issues is the reason I finished my book. I was afraid I wouldn’t be well enough to finish my book or all the famous people I write about would be dead! I have “Aphasia.” Which means that the brain doesn’t connect with the speech. It doesn’t mean I’m not intelligent, it means that I can’t talk! But I Can Sing! Isn’t it funny how music plays a big part in my life and this aphasia? This is the third stroke I’ve had! I had two in the 1980’s, but this one keeps hanging on! I’ve had it for 2-1/2 years. I go to my speech therapist, Kenna, twice a week. She made me a card to pull out whenever I’m having trouble speaking.

I sang on the “Next Generation Show” in 2017. I was asked to sing “Muleskinner Blues.” As you know, I do some talking in that song, some ad-lib! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it. Kenna started helping me with the song. She said there are bullet points you want to make about the song, some topics that you want to hit. I hit everyone of them!!! My brother Danny (who sang a song that daddy wrote called “Go Home,” and me and Hawk sung harmony with him) said, “I’m still learning from you sis.” My Book went way beyond expectation! It’s still selling to this day!  The “Hall Of Fame,” ordered it, the “Circle P Ranch,” in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee ordered it, my website,, has it, and the Trunk of My Car, has it! Ha! You can order it by going on my website and sending $25 to: Karen Wheeler, P.O. Box 2932, Lebanon, TN  37088.  It’s in the teens outside now, our fruit trees have started to bloom and the Jonquils are starting to bloom! They’re to die soon, as we speak, but I’m not going anywhere! Cancer didn’t get me this won’t either! I’m like the energizer bunny, “I’ll take a licking and keep on ticking!”

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