Christmas Is Over

Well, Christmas is over and I HAVE MY BOOKS!!!! My precious husband Glen, went to get them in Clarksville, the Thursday before Christmas! So I had them by Christmas to give each one of my kids for a present! They spent the entire day looking at the colored pictures! Here’s the way our day went; At 11:00 am I fixed Brunch for every one of my children, there was a houseful. I had Stuffed French Toast with Maple Pecan syrup, Hash Brown Casserole & Breakfast Souffle! There was Glen, Karen, Kevin, Stacia, David, Levi, Jonathan, Jennifer, Tyler, Ryan, Ariel, her boyfriend, Christopher, Kiara & Noah. Fifteen people to feed! That’s a whole “passel” of food! I enjoyed it! Then we went in the living room to open gifts. Each one took their turn, to see what the other one got. After my children got their books, “My Father’s Daughter,” they just sat and looked at the pictures! And there’s a bunch of pictures in this book. There’s 337 pages in this book! I’m so proud of it. It tells the story of my daddy and I trying to make it in the Music Business. We reached a certain level, but we didn’t have that number one hit record that said we were a “Star.” I’m going to put the book on my website, but not this week! I have to have time to settle down. After all, I worked hard! At around 6:00 pm I fixed Christmas dinner. Stacia was going to fix dinner for the boys at her house, so she left. (Her home is right next door to ours on 7 acres, we have 7 acres also.) So I had 12 of them to fix dinner for. We had Cornish Hens, Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, Corn Casserole, Slaw & Cranberry Salad. For an appetizer we had; Dates Stuffed with Honey Goat Cheese and Toasted Almonds on the top! For dessert I had; Pineapple Blueberry Crunch, Banana Pudding Dessert & Peanut Brittle! We all ate good! By the way, the address for you to send for my book is: Karen Wheeler, P. O. Box 2932, Lebanon, TN 37088.

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