Finally! The Rain Came!

I hope you all have had a wonderful summer so far. Tennessee had a drought going for a while there. Our grass died and lots of our trees…..and oh, the garden. Then the rain came, and everything is green again. Thank you Lord! I was privileged to sing on stage with some great songwriters recently. Mr. Jerry Foster, who has written so many hits, and the great Marty Raybon, who use to sing lead for Shennandoah, and Mr. Joe Rucker! Joe sings so good, and he played guitar for me. I’m just not polished enough yet to play guitar for myself. But, I’m working on it! We have been bom-bar-ded (don’t know exactly how to spell that! heh! heh!) with family reunions this month. It’s always great to see family members you haven’t seen in a while. The one I always look forward to is my “Wheeler Cousin’s Reunion”. We rent a lodge on Kentucky Lake and the guys bar-b-que chicken in the back on the lake side. They bring their own bar-b-que pit, and the kids ride jet skis, and ride pontoon boats. After we eat, we put on skits. We sing, we play guitars, mandolins & banjo’s, we pantomime records and sometimes we do skits of favorite TV shows, such as The Andy Griffith Show or Gilligan’s Island. It is so much fun. The next thing I have coming up will be the Wilson County Fair on Monday, August 20, 2012. Opening for David Frizzell. Ya’ll stay cool now, ya’ hear?

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