It’s A Beautiful Day

No snow, but it’s cold. The temperature is about 34 degrees out, but it’s a beautiful day! It hasn’t snowed since we were coming home from Mexico, on January 13, 2018. We were actually coming home from Mercedes, Texas. We drove over to Progresso, Mexico. We spent the night in Little Rock, Arkansas, and what should’ve taken us 5-1/2 hours to get home, it took us 11 hours and 20 minutes. We started from Little Rock on Saturday and we saw the pile ups in Jackson, Tennessee! The traffic was piled up, accident after accident, we thought we would never get home! The snow plows were behind us! So much for our week in Mercedes, Progresso, and San Antonio! We had a good time though, and the weather was about 75 or 80 degrees. It’s good to get away, after spending most of the year finishing up my book, “My Father’s Daughter.” It came out a week before Christmas, made excellent Christmas gifts for the kids. It has sold like wild fire! I have a book signing at the Circle P Ranch in the General Store on February 17, 2018. I hope to see some of y’all there! I’m hoping that the Hall Of Fame will pick it up, & Amazon. I can’t hardly keep up with the orders on my website. And I have to mention that Devon O’Day interviewed me on WSM! Yay! She had A little lady as her co-host that day that I’ve known ever since she was 6 years old, as a matter of fact, I wrote a chapter in my book on her daddy, Kelly Lang! (She is married to T. G. Sheppard now.) Her daddy is Velton Lang and he was the road manager for Conway Twitty. We had so much to talk about and Devon acknowledged my “Aphasia” from a stroke. Devon and Kelly did most of the talking for me, since I have trouble talking. It has nothing to do with my intelligence, but I have trouble saying the things I want to say. It’s so frustrating! I don’t have trouble singing, it’s only when I talk! I’m like Mel Tillis! Enough about my troubles! I’m alive, I’m well, and making progress in my speech! My speech therapist told me, “I have hope for you yet and she’s proud of me!” Till next time!

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