The Snow Finally Came!

It’s a snowy day in Nashville, Tennessee! We got about 6-1/2 to 7 inches of snow today, it’s beautiful and clinging to the trees and the ground! So don’t ever say that Nashville doesn’t have snow, because it’s here!

I’ve been doing a lot of “Songwriting Rounds” in Nashville. I guess that’s where it’s at? I’m proud to be a songwriter, I just wish I could get a cut by a major artist! (Don’t we all!) Sometimes I write one song after another. Then there will be days, weeks and months before I write another one. I’ve been doing these songwriter rounds for about 4 years and haven’t even got a bite! Ha! I’ve written over a 100 songs, and if I do say so myself, “they are good songs!” I’ve been trying to keep them current with what’s happening today! Along with songwriter’s nights, I’ve been singing with the “Next Generation”. That’s the sons and daughters of Country Music Legends! We did the TV Show; “Second Generation Country Family Reunion Show” on RFD TV . We’ve performed at different places, and we had our own show at 3rd & Lindsley last year at Fan Fair. But we do shows all year round. We are waiting to do a cruise of our own! Oh come on! Lol!

I’m still writing on my book, so don’t be surprised if you turn around and it’s done! Haha! If it’s the last thing I do, I’ll finish writing that book!

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